Wounded Anglophone “Soul” To Go Back Home Alive

What you are witnessing here in the Southwest as well as in the Northwest Regions a couple of days ago is in simplistic terminology “the battle to redeem the Anglophone soul alive; at least alive not dead”. We have both the moral, professional and constitutional responsibilities to protect the common man, our colonial heritage and out people and society as lawyers

The issue that is germane here is to go back to our laws, for example, article 1(2) and (3) of the 1996 constitution as amended and if you crosscheck that law just cited, you will come to terms with the fact that there is no direct bearing between the reality on ground and constitutional guarantees so provided by the constitution, between the two parts of Cameroon, French Cameroon and English Cameroon as obtains in Canada.

Article 1(2) and (3) of the constitution states: “The republic of Cameroon shall be a decentralised unitary state, it shall be one and indivisible, secular, democratic and dedicated to social service. It shall recognise and protect traditional values that conform to the democratic principle, human rights and the law. It shall ensure the equality of all citizens before the law.

The official languages of the Republic of Cameroon shall be English and French, both languages having equal status. The state shall guarantee the promotion of bilingualism throughout the country. It shall endeavour to protect and promote national languages.”

But in spite of the illuminating and unambiguous provisions of the constitution supra, the tendency has always been to infiltrate the English system with the intention to eradicate, deface and di humanise its people so that they should not have any identity for posterity.

This is a legal fallacy emanating from a weird proceeding. Where ever that decision was reached to constantly suppress the English system or its people was taken, we as the bastion of justice, cannot take any longer. We may make no case against the tolerant past, but we must not allow the anomaly to become normal because it is considered normal by someone driven by his personal instincts and perceptions instead of the law as above cited.

Let me tell you that “The virus that killed the father some 50years ago infected the mother at the dawn of the new deal government and may kill the child too even before the so-called vision 2035, if care is not taken.

Dear friend, if you take a careful appraisal of other democracies around the world, you would inevitably arrive at the most rational conclusion, that ours is short of blood, the glory of God and direction.” Because in a functional democracy, you have the rule of law, respect of the human rights of the people, accountability of government, independent judiciary, press freedom etc. They are not only pencilled down like it is done in Cameroon, but they are truly practiced by the government and the people.

Jesus inaugurated the first example of abandoning 99 sheep to after the one that was lost. The Anglophone soul has been battered by decrees, laws, ordinances and repressive policies of the Biya regime, and the only thing left is thing left is nothing but a name. Even our pets like dogs, cats etc. are given names for the purpose of identification and you know that they occupy nothing in our lives.

The on-going restive action is non-violent, peaceful and legal. But as a 3rd world country we did not expect something much more new than the traditional repressive action from the security, even when their constitutional mandate is to protect the lives and property of the Cameroonian people.

As the bastion of justice, we cannot sit back and celebrate or jubilate over the threatened collapse of our colonial cultural heritages which are preserved in our constitution as cited above.

Finally, as a trained lawyer, if I can detect that the right of my client has been violated in ordinary course of business, are the terrestrial authorities saying that our professional move is not founded in good reason, law and facts? The struggle continues……..

Barrister Nicholas Ogbe Keme. Advocate of the Supreme Courts of Cameroon and Nigeria$ Phd Student, UB.


Gabon Post-Election violence: More than 1,000 arrested after disputed election

Security forces in Gabon have arrested over 1,000 people during a second day of violence following disputed presidential elections.


Three people were killed in clashes in the capital, Libreville.

Protests began after the announcement that President Ali Bongo had been narrowly re-elected in Wednesday’s vote.

Opposition leader Jean Ping, who is in hiding, told the BBC that his party headquarters had been bombed.

The UN, US and former colonial power France have called for restraint and greater transparency about the results.

Culled from the BBC

Anglophone Problem: 2 Million Signatures Needed To Grant Anglophones Independence From La Republic

The on-going struggle by SCNC activists coupled with the incarceration of 14 people duped SCNC activist, accused of holding an un-authorised meeting in a restaurant has led to leaders of the movement going to the UN to plead for Independence.

According to Mola Njo Litumbe, their journey to the UN is yielding fruits as they have been asked to provide ‘just’ 2 million signatures of Southern Cameroonians in support of the independence from La Republic, for the UN to dance to the music.

Mola Njohh recounted that when he went UN and narrated the issue at the UN as he has often done, he was asked whether it is because he has not been made a minister that he is complaining. “Everyone else in Cameroon is happy, we have no news” Mola Njoh said he was told.  “Do you want us to start killing ourselves before you come? I asked them Mola said. “That’s how the idea of a signature referendum came about.”

Mola said he was asked to provide just two million signatures of Southern Cameroonians and the rest will be done. “Locally we have started”. Mola said. “You don’t need to march or hold a meeting and be arrested. The pen is mightier than the sword. I wouldn’t tolerate you going to the bush to fight.” He averred.

At Buea court, after sitting through the court session on Thursday August 25, Mola Njoh said La Republic has tended to divide the people of Southern Cameroon’s in order to rule them. He showed pressmen the sheets on which signatures are to be collected as well as those already signed by die heart Ambazonians.

To Mola Njoh, He is part of the accused.  “I am part of those accused because I believe in the same principles as they do”. To him, the relationship between the two Cameroons is illegal because they has never been a legal union between the duo. “I have been saying all along that we never really joined La Republic….they just came to colonize us the night the British Army left at midnight on 30th of September 1961 and disregarded the fact that the UN had on 21st of April passed a resolution granting Southern Cameroon independence as from 1st of October 1961….and they added by joining”. Mola averred.

Zimbabweans stage a national protest against the government

Closed shops, banks and deserted streets were the scenes of Harare on Wednesday as Zimbabweans staged a national protest against the government.

Zimbabwe shortdown

Citizens in Zimbabwe largely stayed within their homes in a national “stay-away” day known as Shutdown Zimbabwe 2016.

Activists hoping to force the government to address the nation’s economic meltdown, called for citizens to stay away from work.

The Zimbabwe shutdown comes as teachers, doctors and nurses strike to protest their unpaid June salaries.

Zimbabwe’s economy collapsed in February 2009 and the currency became virtually worthless. Following collapse, the country adopted a multicurrency system which is dominated by the U.S. dollar.

Empty streets created a sense of unease On Wednesday as people stayed home because they feared that they might find it difficult walking back or get stranded t given that on Monday it turned violent.

Zimbabwe police revealed that about 50 people had been arrested in connection with the protests Wednesday.

There were reports of sporadic violence, with teargas and some looting in Harare on Monday. On Friday, a warehouse was burned down on Zimbabwe’s border with South Africa in protest of recent import restrictions on basic goods. Zimbabwe has once been a breadbasket of southern Africa, but now depends mainly on imports.

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