Chibok Girls Tragedy

Since the purported kidnap of school girls from a boarding school in the Nigerian town of Chibok, many people have given varying views on reasons why the girls cannot be found. With the politicians, the military and society having different views and proposals of what can be done to secure the release of the school girls or better still recapture the abducted girls.

Chibok girls

The campaign aimed at ensuring the release of this girls was launched and echoed across the world with people from all walks of life joining voices with that of grieving parents, but not everyone believes the various stories, told by the various actors engaged in the fight against Boko Haram Here is a view of someone who has doubts and somewhere, the logic flows, just readĀ Charles Ogbu takeĀ on the Chibok fiasco:

“It is not exactly correct to accuse those who disbelieve the Chibok girls abduction story of insensitivity. Truth be told, the Chibok girls story is riddled with inconsistencies, incoherences, contradictions and outright lies. Believing the story almost requires suspending a part of the brain used in critical thinking and reasoning.

“I am not implying that no girl was abducted in Chibok. Far from it. I am just saying that those who narrated the event starting from the Chibok School Principal -Hajiya Kwambura Asabe, the Bornu state governor -Ibrahim Shettima down to the Nigerian army….all of these characters deliberately manipulated their report to achieve certain aim.

“Rather than trying to guilt people into swallowing the lies sold by the aforementioned characters, those who honestly believe the Chibok story should be trying to help offer answers to some of the questions regarding the incident:

“What did boko haram use in moving over 200 girls?? I mean, how many trucks were in their convoy and how did they move such a very long convoy to their destination without being detected by the authority?

“How did boko haram manage to keep over 200 girls in custody and completely off the radar of powerful countries like America and Britain with all their sophisticated equipments such that these two countries came here and searched for the girls but found nothing??

“Why did it take weeks for the supposed parents of the abducted girls to come forward?? Why did it take months for the Chibok school of the abducted girls to come forward with their names and photos??

“How possible is it to have around 276 girls sitting for physics WAEC exam in one center in an educationally disadvantaged state like Bornu??

“Sometime last year, some of the girls were reported to have escaped from the boko boys and were even interviewed by CNN. My questions go thus:

“How did a couple of naive teenage girls manage to escape from the world deadliest terror group?? And how did the escapees find their way through the mine-infested Sambisa forest which the authorities told us is as big as the entire Enugu state?? This question is particularly important to me.

“In the interview with CNN, the chibok girls who were supposedly sitting for WAEC exam at the time of their abduction could not speak English language. Na Hausa language they for take write the WAEC exam??

“Now, to the issue of one of the girls that’s just been ‘rescued’:

“How come the army, the vigilante and the school authority were all having verbal gymnastics over the girl’s name with each group coming up with different name for the girl?? Does it mean that the girl no longer know her own name??

“If there is something I hate so much, it is being thought insensitive. But there is something I hate even more, and that is pretending to believe an illogical story just to sound politically correct.”Chibok girls


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