All-Anglophone Journalists’Consortium Denounce Fake Communique Calling Off Strike Action

The Cameroon All Anglophone Journalists’ Consortium Tel: 675138091 Friday, January 06, 2017 ________________________________________________________________ PRESS RELEASE Mindful of the treacherous outing of two self-proclaimed journalists’ on January 5 calling off the ongoing strike by Lawyers and Teachers of Former West Cameroon, Aware that President Biya on December 31 said the issues raised by those striking are substantive, Mindful of the inalienable right to freedom of speech: We, members of The Cameroon All Anglophone Journalists’ Consortium dissociate ourselves from the utterances made by this “instrumentalised individuals” that pass for journalists; Challenge the said individuals to produce a list of their members. Insist that journalists did not call for any strike action and as such cannot call-off one; Urge government to desist from manipulating so-called journalists in an attempt to foil the ongoing strike, Enjoin government to engage in frank dialogue as prescribed by President Paul Biya. We hereby state our resolve to remain true to the values of the journalism profession to the best of our consciences. Done and signed in Buea this 06th Day of January, 2017. For the Consortium, John Mbah Akuro, Tarhyang Tabe, Bhudi Adams, Anne Munjong, Larry Essong, Tilarious Atia, Frankline Sone Bayern, Solomon Amabo, Aminde Blaise, Kum Leonard.
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