Thieves Ransack Gendarmerie Brigade on National Day

As the national day was being celebrated all over the country, a group of robbers ransacked the Gendarmerie Brigade in Jakiri Sub-Division in Bui, Northwest region.

As local’s version of the story goes, the bandits ransacked the premises while the gendarme officers had all left for the 20th May celebration in a distance of over 300 metres at the council premises in Jakiri not far from their head-quarter. Among items reportedly looted from the force, were a gun alongside money and other items.

The bandits are said to have held an old lady who resides in the commandant’s house, still within the same premises at gun-point. This happened, when upon returning from a nearby stream, she bumped into the men of the underworld.

The village population quickly took on the issue, recounting their own versions of what happened. Most of the villagers ridiculed the gendarmerie force in the municipality, blaming them for only being good at man-handling innocent citizens while they cannot protect their selves from a handful of ‘bad boys’.

The bandits, whose main aim is suspected to have been that of stealing weapons, only succeeded to take a single gun as other weapons and armaments are said to have been stored in the commandant’s house.

In the wake of the scandal on the brigade, the officers reportedly stayed silent while quartier-talk questioned the ability of the force that was most often referred to as ‘a bunch of chicken-hearted military boys who only go about molesting innocent citizens’ and cannot watch their own back.

The stealing spree in the municipality had reduced, after a group of bandits noted to have been behind the constant ambushing of travellers along the Wainamah-Babessi stretch died one after the other, after confessing their misdeeds and exploits on villagers and travellers alike, within the municipality. With their demise and consequent slowdown in banditry within the municipality, calm reigned but of recent, stealing has been on the rise.

Fear in the village lies in the fact that the ‘bad boys’ have added a military grade gun to their arsenal. The villagers are gripped in fear as they consider how aggressive the bandits will be, as their guardians, gendarmerie officers have been trampled on with bare hands by unarmed boys.


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