Plan for Clean, Renewable energy launched in the Southwest Region

The call was made in the southwest region by Terence Bumah of Solarlinx group on April 14 2016 in a workshop attended by representatives of schools, hospitals, businesses, and communities from the Southwest region.

Solar panel

The workshop that was aimed at educating and helping participants to set up clean energy platforms focused on solar energy as the best and cheapest means to have access to renewable energy. Terence Bumah regretted that although Africa is known as the sun the sun continent, they still suffer a lot when it comes to having access to energy.

On the case of Cameroon, Terence Bumah noted that over 45 percent of Cameroonians live without electricity. In his view, efforts aimed at electrifying communities should be pushed towards acquiring and using energy from the sun through solar panels that assures continuity as well as its being environmentally friendly. To him, instead of relying on generators that are not environmentally friendly and are expensive to run, people should use solar energy as a main source or backup source of energy in cases where high-consuming appliances are being used.

On their mission, the group says they are out to improve the standards of living for Cameroonians by revolutionizing and providing better access to clean and affordable energy together with good water purification systems that are uninterrupted.


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