UB Graduate sets Herself on Fire, Due to Unemployment

A former student of the University of Buea who was among the 2013 graduating batch of students, practically lighted up herself due to frustration after going for years without a job and the mockery she received from villagers and relatives.

The girls whose name I got from her neigbours as Magdella hails from Bayangi and is said to have committed her suicidal act in her village.  As her friends narrate, people quickly intervened and freed her from the flames but the damage was already remarkable as the burns were deep. She was rushed to hospital where she died three days later on Saturday April 16 2016.

The girl is said to have often complained about unemployment and, always remarking that all her friends have been employed and that after filing her numerous job applications, she couldn’t get a job. It is reported that the girl was pushed by frustration and negative slants from villagers who mocked her for going to school and coming back to join them in the village as a jobless graduate. As her friend Beatrice who currently runs a store business in Buea recounted, she had proposed to Magdella to take on shop business like her and even went as far as sorting out a place for her in Buea but her friend rejected the offer and went on with her job search which was also accompanied by prayers and search for miracles. “She wanted to get into this our store business and I sorted out a place for her in Dirty South-Molyko but she was too traumatized to concentrate and now her sister runs the store.” Prayers are reported to have contributed to her frustrations when she complained to friends of seeing ghosts and apparitions in real life after she was prayed for.

Late Magdella graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Buea in 2013 and has been in the job market for over two years before she decided to commit suicide by setting herself on fire when she returned back to Bayangi.


First Cameroon Video Game Launched

The first video game developed in Cameroon has been launched.

The game, Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan, is produced by Kiro’o Games, and is rooted in Cameroonian traditions and culture.


Video gaming is becoming increasingly popular across the world and among youths, not leaving out Africa and Cameroon.  The first ever Cameroon Game is hoped by its Cameroonian developers to catch up with the rest of the continent and the world.

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