Water crisis Worsen In SW as World Water Day is Being Celebrated

The Southwest region joined the rest of the world to commemorate the 24th edition of World water day although water crisis in the region are reaching peak levels as taps are fast running dry and many have turned to bore holes, rain water, unclean streams and bottle water for those who can afford it.

The results of the water crisis has been felt mostly by the student population who resort to some sources of water that are not often good for consumption and has landed many in hospital beds especially with the typhoid ailment that has become very common and well known illness suffered by most students. The crisis felt by most of the population has had different reactions from different sectors even patients at the Dialysis have been irked many times due to lack of water at the centre leading to strikes. Although the problem of water crisis has largely been blamed on the fact that the population is far bigger than the initial number for tanks capacity that the water source was meant to provide for, broken pipes are hardly been repaired and instead of preserving and rationing the insufficient water to serve the population, a large quantity of the water is wasted as it flows freely on streets, where many have to carry water from instead of going to taps.

Broken and neglected pipes, resulting in a lot of wastage

The day in the Southwest was celebration was celebrated at Mutengene under the theme, ‘Water and jobs’ where the need for the sector ministry to step in in solving the crisis was reiterated. It was also mentioned that Mutengene Water project had been approved and costs over 768 million FCFA and it is predicted that the water crisis in the town and its surrounding villages would be resolved with the execution of the project. The water crisis issue as expert said can partly be blamed on climate change, noting that over 1.5 billion people are going without potable water while one out of every five deaths is being caused by water related issues. However, as Sectary General at the Southwest governor’s office say, some 100 bore holes would be drilled in the region to curb water crisis.


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