Hemodialysis Patients in Fear as Water and Material Shortage Hikes

The plight of Dialysis patients who depend on the Buea Hemodialysis Centre for care is reaching fever pitch as even water have become so scares to the extent that on world kidney day, patients traveled from all over the region to be dialysed but had to go for a week without dialysis because of lack of water in the regional Hospital.

As the centre and the patients complain, there was shortage of dialyzing kits but after provision of 100 kits by the director of the Regional Hospital in Ebolova on request from his colleague in Buea, although it could only last for a week, they were hooked by the lack of water in a centre. As the process demands patient treatment can’t go without sufficient water. The water crisis in Buea has become an every-day issue although broken pipes and gushing water is what the streets look, when in hospital patients are not provided with just the needed quantity to aid their vital treatment. The Buea Hemodialysis centre has 8 functioning machines out of 10 serving over 60 patients and as experts explained, the machines are being overused reason why two machines have broken down when patient’s needs are increasing and demanding more attention together with proper care that is both in material needs and other items like water that is a primary need.

Sometime ago, patients at the hemodialysis centre were on strike due to lack of water that was not supplied to the Dialysis centre that can’t do without water but it was not provided for a week. On a phone interview with the SG of Hemodialysis Patients association, Mr. Victor Nkwanyuo, he noted that with the emergency situation, an ambulance was dispatched to fetch water and an emergency meeting held with the Mayor of Buea and Secretary General at the South West governor’s office to discuss on how to avoid the issue from repeating itself.


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