Activist who wants President Biya Behind Bars for 20 Years

Woungly Massaga a political activist has deposited his case file at the secretariat of the president of the Supreme Court, Justice Daniel Mekobe Sone. As reported by The Post (01697), Monday edition the activist wants president Biya behind bars on the count that the president has violated many provisions of the 1996 constitution together with article 66 that stipulates that states officials declare their assets but has never been implemented by the President to be followed by other stakeholders.
According to reports, the activist is bent on seeing the president spend 20 years in jail for going against the fundamental law of Cameroon. Part of the complaint by the political activist reads “through my lawyers, I have the honour to ask the judges of the Supreme Court to take note of the violation of the constitution by President Paul Biya. it is for this reason that as a plaintiff, I am calling on you to slam a one year imprisonment term on president Paul Biya for 20 years for violating the constitution” not leaving it at the level serving a jail term, Woungly Massaga is calling on the supreme court to seize all assets belonging to the president.

Man who wants Biya to serve 20 years behind bars

Speaking to reporters, Woungly Massaga said “I am ready to face President Paul Biya in court for violating the constitution for 20 years”. Woungly’s complaint at the supreme court is just one among many that have been deposited to in order to see article 66 of the constitution implemented in Cameroon in order to curb embezzlement and ensure transparency in Cameroon.


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