Old Road F.C Grabs Muyuka inter-Quarter Football Crown.

In a highly contested football debut between Old-Road and Kwe-Kwe football teams that emerged best for the finals, the old road boys carried the day after a penalty shoot-out following 90 minutes of a goalless draw with a four to 3 defeat over the Kwe-Kwe boys.
The highly contested match jointly sponsored by the Muyuka council and Braseries du Cameroun brewery company was a played at “Hero’s pitch” that had been bulldozed a few hours before the match commenced and with the heavy down pour resulting in the heavy and deep mud pitch, only hero’s could carry the day as at some moments it was almost bodyboading on the muddy pitch. After exhausting the customary 90 minutes of play with ball possession and control in favour of the Old road boys who had a turbulent time to make a goal due to the expertise of Kwe-Kwe F.C’s goal keeper Kumbe Epie who emerged best player of the tournament, only penalty shoot-out decided the fate of the encounter.
The champions of the Muyuka inter-quarter tournament, Old Road F.C went home with a cash price of 360000 FCFA while their Kwe-Kwe counterparts in the second position had two hundred and forty thousand FCFA with Braseries du Cameroun contributing 60000 FCFA and forty thousand FCFA respectively for the first and second prize packages. The Brewery Company while promising to support football at all levels also paid back the registration fees of the first 10 teams in the tournament while awarding prizes for the best scorer, taken by Afu Isidore of Old Road F.C and that of best player of the tournament to Kumbe Epie, goal keeper of Kwe-Kwe F.C who saved the team from a dishonorable defeat In a match highly dominated by the Old Road boys during the 90 minutes of playtime.
Like in some matches, the fans of the Kwe-Kwe boys who were almost discouraged with the way the match was unfolding not to their favour resulted to flouting rules and getting into the field of play to warn and threaten the referee when they felt cheated or disfavoured by the umpires decision.
Speaking to the press after the match, the 3rd deputy mayor of Muyuka council, Ebouge Otto stated he was happy that the tournament has gone onto a smooth end saying “it was a good way of keeping our young people busy during the summer holidays from juvenile delinquent acts especially at this time with the threat of terrorism” and also in relation to security at this scary times of terrorist activities, the spectators were searched with metal detectors before entering the pitch, which the deputy mayor said the council had acquired 5 and given 2 to the Gendarme and police officers while retaining three for the councils use.
By Andrew Nsoseka (UB Journalism student)/ The Post NP

3rd Deputy Mayor Speaking to Reporters
3rd Deputy Mayor Speaking to Reporters

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