Why do these accidents keep on occurring?

Our Cameroon, our World

This guy hit 8 cars on all lanes before he finally stopped on this one parked beside the road.

Why do these accidents keep on occurring?
acident (2)

The roads have became parking spaces and that barely leave enough space for other vehicles to circulate and even for pedestrians to move freely. Honestly, it scares many people to move by the road these days, one could just be knocked down by these reckless drivers who drive in town as if there are on racing tracks.
The issue of speed limit seems not of existence in Cameroon. Drivers operating in this seemingly lawless sector sees no fault in over-speeding in our towns. Just any Jack and Gill who can sit in a car goes for a driver now. The driving license that is expected to be as an exhibit to prove that one has undergone training and can drive has became a paper…

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