Cameroonian youths move forward to decide on their future, come 2035; and not wait for Politicians

Cameroonian youths move forward to decide on their future, come 2035; and not wait for Politicians.


Cameroonian youths move forward to decide on their future, come 2035; and not wait for Politicians


The youths of Cameroon, coming from all regions of the country and representing youth organizations and self driven goals converge on Buea, in the catholic university institute CUIB to discuss on their contribution to the 2035 emergence goals that they were not consulted on, although it was said to be all about them.

In the newly formed youth forum baptised Camer youthnited, organised by CUIB student government association (STUGA), the participating youths stressed the need for the young people in Cameroon to forge ahead, engage in entrepreneur driven goals and make a difference as the vision of development is also at the centre of wishes and goals for the society they are looking forward to. In addressing the issues at hand, the president of the student association, Momo Bertrand mentioned that, if the youth of Cameroon really want to succeed, they must stop concentrating on others for jobs, and engage in self reliant goals and have an entrepreneurial spirit that will make them self employed and why not create jobs for others. He went further to stressed on the need for student to spend less time criticising the government but to work for the future they envisage. In commenting on the move by the students Rev George Jingwa highlighted that, the youths need to realise that the developmental goals are a vision, and the youths must be at the centre because it concerns them and the politicians who may not care about vision 2035 will certainly not be there at the time. He went further to stress on the need for the government not to see the youths as a thread to their position or people always ready to go on strike but as people whose needs and views need to be taken into consideration as the future lies on how the government invest on them. Discussing under the theme, ”emergence before 2035,myth or reality” the participants presented pictures of a Cameroon they want and are working for. The views ranging from a self sustainable Cameroon, a Cameroon not noted for bribery and corruption, a society of peace, a society with accountable and reliable leaders, and a host of others was what youths from all regions of Cameroon advocated for.

Student leaders and their Advisers
Student leaders and their advisers

In responding to what the youths envisaged, the D.O of Buea, Kouam Wokam Paul emphasised that everything must begin in the minds of individuals. He went further to urge the youths participating in the forum to make all youths part the Camer youthinited and work on the same lane with them for a better Cameroon. Among issues to be addressed and proposals sent to the presidency, NGOs and other organisations and platforms will be, the issue of poor governance that delays the achievement of developmental goals, the needs of the educational system in Cameroon, the ill practise of gender bias, tribalism. The need for a vibrant agricultural sector was not left out as many youths shy away from what youths elsewhere depend on.

By Andrew Nsoseka, UB journalism student.


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