Prof Banlilon Takes Over As New Registrar Of UBa

Professor Victor Banlilon Tani, Lecturer in International Relations, has officially taken office as the new Registrar of the University of Bamenda, UBa, replacing Galega Samgena Daiga.

The installation ceremony that took place on July 14, at the campus of the University of Bamenda, was presided over by the Vice Chancellor, VC, of UBa, Prof. Theresa Akenji.

Prof Banlilon in a handshake with the VC, Prof Akenji, after his installation as Registrar of UBa
Prof. Akenji and Prof. Banlilon in a handshake after the installation ceremony 

The newly installed Registrar, Prof. Banlilon, was previously serving as the Secretary General, SG, of the School of Transport and Logistics, under the same University.

In her installation speech, the Vice Chancellor of UBa, Prof. Theresa Akenji urged the 11 newly installed Deputy Vice Chancellors, Registrar, Dean and Directors, to harness social dialogue and peaceful coexistence in order to forge ahead with developmental goals aimed at taking the young University forward in fulfilling its goals.

“You should endeavour to be a good team player, while at the same time, galvanising your individual capabilities, skills and talents to foster the attainment of the set goals and objectives of the University of Bamenda.” The VC told the newly appointed.

She expressed gratitude to the President of the Republic for appointing seasoned officials to steer the University of Bamenda, in achieving its set goals and objectives.

While cautioning the newly installed to always make well informed and prompt decisions because they will affect their colleagues and students, Prof Akenji beseeched that, the officials should always act in consultation, collaboration and in coordination with competent authority.

The newly installed were also told to discharge their duty without fear of favour. “The challenge is to do better than your predecessors.” Prof Akenji said. She also praised that out of the 11 newly appointed officials, two are women. She noted that the number of women in UBa administration has increased.

Accompanying Prof. Banlilon at his installation ceremony, was a delegation from the University of Buea, and the Faculty of Social and Management Sciences where Prof. Banlilon had served as the Faculty Officer, as well as Head of Department for Political Science, while performing his duty as Lecturer in domain of International Relations.

Prof. Banlilon, dancing with family members and friends, as he is been received at his residence in Bamenda
Family and friends, welcoming Prof. Banlilon at home

The erstwhile Mayor of Buea, and now Senator, Charles Mbella Moki was also among the delegation from Buea that attended the ceremony to celebrate with Prof. Banlilon.

The Fon of Nso, HRH Sehm Mbinglo, also sent a delegation of Nso notables from the Palace, to express well wishes, and Palace blessings to the newly installed Kinsman.

A Delegation from the Amadou Bello University of Zaria in Nigeria, where Prof. Banlilon obtained his PhD degree and served as Assistant Lecturer before returning to Cameroon was also present to celebrate with their former student and colleague.

On behalf of the Family, Mr Emmanuel Tani expressed gratitude to well wishers who turned out massively for celebration, as he called on his newly appointed brother to do his work efficiently , while looking up to God.

Celebrating at home after installation
Prof. Banlilon dancing as family welcomes him

Amongst the newly appointed are, Prof. Emmanuel Suh Cheo, as Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Teaching, Professionalization and Development of information and Communication Technologies, Prof. Moise Agwara Ondoh Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Internal Control and Evaluation, amongst others as Deans and Directors.

Prof. Banlilon replaces Galega Samgena Daiga who is now serving as the Dean of the newly created Faculty of Law and Political Science.


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CCREAD Cameroon Educate Young People on Sexual Reproductive Health, Abortion

The Centre for Community Regeneration and Development, CCREAD-Cameroon, on April 11 organised a discussion and education forum, comprising young people and their leaders, where they were lectured on sexual reproductive health, their rights, violence against women, as well as abortion.20170425_111221

Under the theme, “girls connected against unsafe abortion and sexual health/ violence” CCREAD in collaboration with Amplify Change, schooled the participants on abortion, when and where it can be permissible, its dangers, and why it should be discouraged. On sexual health, young people were educated on how to manage relationships, handle conflicts in relationships, as well as stigma.

The guest speaker on abortion, Samuel Manyi, cautioned the participants on its dangers, side effects and the legal retribution against those who commit of the act unlawfully. In explaining the various circumstances where the Cameroon penal code gives room for abortion, Mr Samuel warned that they are not in anyway encouraging the act, because a person can still chose not to abort a pregnancy even if the law permits her to do so. He brought the case of rape, citing that many women have gone ahead to have children which they got through rape.

He said the topic is very vital, given the rates of abortions been committed in contemporary times and people do not know how to go about it in relation to legal prescription.

The young people were also lectured on the prevention and elimination of sexual violence against women, by Grace Njoy, on the legal provisions and rights, Lynn Tim, as well as stigma and conflicts in relationships by Madam Eleanor.

On his part, the Director of CCREAD, Hilary Ewang Ngide, called on the young people and youth leaders to spread the knowledge they gained from the forum.

He said their primary objective is to relieve poverty within marginalised communities which is been done through vocational training and education of young people on how to better manage their lives and reduce chances of falling prey to societal ills.

He said their seminar was done in collaboration with Amplify Change, an organisation based in the United Kingdom, with whom they are running a project, “Girls connected against violence on women and against unsafe abortions”, together.

The Director intimated that in the days ahead, they will be organising two marches to move around the Molyko neighbourhood with targeted messages, during which thousand of leaflets will be distributed carrying messages on sexual and reproductive rights, and campaigns against unsafe abortions.

He said their goal will be educate young people on how to prevent unwanted pregnancies, thereby solving the problem of having so many teenage and single mothers around. He said they will as well be educating them against the use of road side clinics that that are responsible for most abortion related deaths.

He regretted that with the law prohibiting abortion, many quacks have popped up in hidden communities and with their lack of training in the medical field, their unprofessional acts often result to the deaths of those committing the abortion.

“We should start a debate to  see that if people have to do it, it should be recognised by  the law,  if not, they should stop doing it because it is resulting to so many deaths” He said, regretting that so many young people are dropping out of school because of unwanted pregnancies and those who don’t want to be stigmatised resorting to abortion. It was revealed that over 50000 women die every in the course of aborting.


All-Anglophone Journalists’Consortium Denounce Fake Communique Calling Off Strike Action

The Cameroon All Anglophone Journalists’ Consortium Tel: 675138091 Friday, January 06, 2017 ________________________________________________________________ PRESS RELEASE Mindful of the treacherous outing of two self-proclaimed journalists’ on January 5 calling off the ongoing strike by Lawyers and Teachers of Former West Cameroon, Aware that President Biya on December 31 said the issues raised by those striking are substantive, Mindful of the inalienable right to freedom of speech: We, members of The Cameroon All Anglophone Journalists’ Consortium dissociate ourselves from the utterances made by this “instrumentalised individuals” that pass for journalists; Challenge the said individuals to produce a list of their members. Insist that journalists did not call for any strike action and as such cannot call-off one; Urge government to desist from manipulating so-called journalists in an attempt to foil the ongoing strike, Enjoin government to engage in frank dialogue as prescribed by President Paul Biya. We hereby state our resolve to remain true to the values of the journalism profession to the best of our consciences. Done and signed in Buea this 06th Day of January, 2017. For the Consortium, John Mbah Akuro, Tarhyang Tabe, Bhudi Adams, Anne Munjong, Larry Essong, Tilarious Atia, Frankline Sone Bayern, Solomon Amabo, Aminde Blaise, Kum Leonard.
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SDF Decries The Increased Militarisation Of Buea

The Social Democratic Front, SDF, district in Buea has raised concerns over the increased militarisation of Buea, and the subsequent brutal treatment of lawyers and students by the police men.

“Buea, the chief town of former Southern Cameroons has out of a sudden in recent days been made to appear like a war zone” The statement stated, maintaining that increment in the number of armed men has made people to live in fear.

The SDF district release holds that, the trouble all started when the governor of the South West region brought in “strange police who came to confront lawyers”. They went further to decry the fact lawyers were chased and beaten like criminals from their chambers and homes.

“These are gentlemen who could have been attended to by the head of the legal department in Buea, or the Governor” They said, maintaining that “It is unheard of that Police beat up Lawyers with baton sticks in this peaceful Anglophone town which had had a government before unification.”

The SDF district chair noted that the climax of the brutalities came on Monday November 28, when “the Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea could not amicably solve students’ problems.

Buea SDF chair, regrets that, students who were initially summoned for tests were beaten away from their campus, chased into Molyko, and to homes where their rooms were broken into. This resulted in the damaged property as well as many left wounded.

They decry that even after beating and wounding students, the students were not taken to hospitals to be treated, but instead ferried to Police and Gendarme offices for more beating and questioning.

They regretted that from the ‘old GCE Board Junction to the Total Petrol Station after UB Entrance, armed men are lined up on both sides of the roads in great numbers as if there was a Guard of Honour’

The District chair beckoned on government to stop brutalising citizens, and to solve the Anglophone problem once and for all.

The United States react to the current ongoing civil unrest in Cameroon — Exclusives on entertainment in one click

For a while now North West and South West Regions of Cameroon launched a peaceful strike to let the government know they weren’t happy about the way they the minority were being treated. The Law enforcement forces in the country who are suppose to be protecting the civilians took the streets of Bamenda

via The United States react to the current ongoing civil unrest in Cameroon — Exclusives on entertainment in one click

University Of Buea Students On Strike

The student of the University of Buea have risen against their Vice Chancellor, Dr. Nalova Lyonga, accusing her of embezzling their share of the FCFA 50,000, presidential grant, and for imposing penalties on students to pay 10,000, for late course registration  as well FCFA 10,000 as late payment of school fees.


The strike started today November 28, 2016, when students assembled in front of the Central Administration building demanding that the VC should come and address their grievances.

Riot police, in full protective gear arrived, forming a barricade to shield students from getting access to the Central Administration building. This was followed by reinforcement with two military trucks packed with soldiers, who were booed and chased out of campus by students chanting “No Violence”.

The population of students protesting increased drastically and four more military truck, packed with riot police officers entered the campus, and started dispersing students, using tear gas, batons and warning gun shots.

The students had earlier been warned by their lecturers, who are on strike to stay at home, but the VC sent out a communiqué instructing students that their Continuous Assessment tests, C.A’s were beginning today November 28.

While on campus the students grouped and turned on the Vice Chancellor, demanding that their grievances be heard and solved. It was in response to the students’ peaceful protest, which was characterized by chants and showing of placards that the riot police was brought into campus to disperse the students, as they had refused listening to an envoy sent by the administration, to calm down the students.

The clashes between the police and students have resulted to so many students incurring wounds, beaten by police officers, as well as some incurred from tear gas canisters.

Student residential areas in Buea, has now been invaded by riot police officers, who are chasing and beating students, in a fear that they might regroup and return to the campus to continue with their protest.


Wounded Anglophone “Soul” To Go Back Home Alive

What you are witnessing here in the Southwest as well as in the Northwest Regions a couple of days ago is in simplistic terminology “the battle to redeem the Anglophone soul alive; at least alive not dead”. We have both the moral, professional and constitutional responsibilities to protect the common man, our colonial heritage and out people and society as lawyers

The issue that is germane here is to go back to our laws, for example, article 1(2) and (3) of the 1996 constitution as amended and if you crosscheck that law just cited, you will come to terms with the fact that there is no direct bearing between the reality on ground and constitutional guarantees so provided by the constitution, between the two parts of Cameroon, French Cameroon and English Cameroon as obtains in Canada.

Article 1(2) and (3) of the constitution states: “The republic of Cameroon shall be a decentralised unitary state, it shall be one and indivisible, secular, democratic and dedicated to social service. It shall recognise and protect traditional values that conform to the democratic principle, human rights and the law. It shall ensure the equality of all citizens before the law.

The official languages of the Republic of Cameroon shall be English and French, both languages having equal status. The state shall guarantee the promotion of bilingualism throughout the country. It shall endeavour to protect and promote national languages.”

But in spite of the illuminating and unambiguous provisions of the constitution supra, the tendency has always been to infiltrate the English system with the intention to eradicate, deface and di humanise its people so that they should not have any identity for posterity.

This is a legal fallacy emanating from a weird proceeding. Where ever that decision was reached to constantly suppress the English system or its people was taken, we as the bastion of justice, cannot take any longer. We may make no case against the tolerant past, but we must not allow the anomaly to become normal because it is considered normal by someone driven by his personal instincts and perceptions instead of the law as above cited.

Let me tell you that “The virus that killed the father some 50years ago infected the mother at the dawn of the new deal government and may kill the child too even before the so-called vision 2035, if care is not taken.

Dear friend, if you take a careful appraisal of other democracies around the world, you would inevitably arrive at the most rational conclusion, that ours is short of blood, the glory of God and direction.” Because in a functional democracy, you have the rule of law, respect of the human rights of the people, accountability of government, independent judiciary, press freedom etc. They are not only pencilled down like it is done in Cameroon, but they are truly practiced by the government and the people.

Jesus inaugurated the first example of abandoning 99 sheep to after the one that was lost. The Anglophone soul has been battered by decrees, laws, ordinances and repressive policies of the Biya regime, and the only thing left is thing left is nothing but a name. Even our pets like dogs, cats etc. are given names for the purpose of identification and you know that they occupy nothing in our lives.

The on-going restive action is non-violent, peaceful and legal. But as a 3rd world country we did not expect something much more new than the traditional repressive action from the security, even when their constitutional mandate is to protect the lives and property of the Cameroonian people.

As the bastion of justice, we cannot sit back and celebrate or jubilate over the threatened collapse of our colonial cultural heritages which are preserved in our constitution as cited above.

Finally, as a trained lawyer, if I can detect that the right of my client has been violated in ordinary course of business, are the terrestrial authorities saying that our professional move is not founded in good reason, law and facts? The struggle continues……..

Barrister Nicholas Ogbe Keme. Advocate of the Supreme Courts of Cameroon and Nigeria$ Phd Student, UB.

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